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DGA-Backed Group Launches First Ad in Alaska

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Ad: ‘Mike Dunleavy: a Politician with No Plan and a Risky Record on Crime”

Today, Defeat Dunleavy, an independent organization backed by the Democratic GovernorsAssociation’s PAC (Democratic Action), released a new TV ad, “Dangerous.”
The ad is up on television in Alaska with a significant six-figure buy.
The ad highlights Mike Dunleavy’s failure to lead on crime, including voting to cut funding for police and prosecutors.
Watch the new 30-second ad HERE.
Narrator: “Alaska. Rated the most dangerous state in the country. Crime rates are up. Drugs–an epidemic.
“We need action. Not another politician who only made matters worse.
“Mike Dunleavy voted to cut funding for police and prosecutors and to reduce penalties for robbery and drugs, putting criminals on the streets, and communities at risk.
“Mike Dunleavy–a politician with no plan and a risky record on crime you just can’t trust.”