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DGA-Backed Group Launches Digital Ads in KY on Cameron’s Failure to Investigate Bevin Pardon Scandal

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DGA-Backed Group Launches Digital Ads in KY on Cameron’s Failure to Investigate Bevin Pardon Scandal

Three Years Later, the Victims are Still Waiting”

Defending Bluegrass Values, a group backed by the Democratic Governors Association, launched a series of new digital ads, “Tick,” “Blind Eye,” and “Why,” exposing Daniel Cameron for his failure to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate disgraced former Governor Matt Bevin’s pardons of violent criminals, including of murderers and a child rapist. At the time, Cameron said the scandal was “something we’ll look at,” but has made no progress on the investigation in three and a half years.

The DGA previously launched to hold Daniel Cameron accountable for his failed track record as attorney general, including the pardon scandal. Recently, the DGA launched a new feature that tracks the amount of days that has passed since Cameron promised he would “look at” the pardon scandal – 1,269 days as of today.

“The clock has been ticking, but Daniel Cameron continues to demonstrate he’s only interested in doing what’s best for his own political career, and Kentuckians are suffering because of it,” said Democratic Governors Association States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Kentuckians deserve to know why Daniel Cameron has done nothing to bring them answers or justice in three and a half years.”

View the ads and full transcripts below: 


Display text: Matt Bevin pardoned violent criminals including murderers and a child rapist. 

His ally, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, said it’s “something we’ll look at.” 

3 years later…

…the victims are still waiting. 

Blind Eye: 

NEWS ANCHOR: Some convicted murders and a convicted rapist.

NARRATOR: When Daniel Cameron’s buddy Matt Bevin pardoned violent criminals, including a felon whose brother donated to his campaign, Cameron turned a blind eye. 

As Attorney General, we trusted him, and he failed us. 


NARRATOR: Violent criminals were released in a corrupt pardon scandal. Why won’t Daniel Cameron investigate?