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DGA-Backed Group Announces Six-Figure Ad Buy in Michigan During College Football Bowl Season

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Ads Will Air Across Michigan in 35 Games, Including Games Featuring Teams From Michigan

Today, Put Michigan First, a group backed by the Democratic Governors Association, announced a six-figure television ad buy that will highlight Gov. Whitmer’s actions to lower costs for families after working with Republicans to pass historic auto insurance reforms.

In particular, Governor Whitmer recently worked to ensure that every Michigan driver will receive a direct $400 auto insurance refund check for every car they own.

The TV ads will run across Michigan during 35 different college football bowl games, including the Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Michigan State, and University of Michigan games, along with the national championship game.

In the ad, “Win” identifies universal wins all Michiganders can get behind: putting more money in the pockets of families, and the Ohio State Buckeyes losing in football. Republicans have also touted the refund checks going to Michigan drivers.

“Whether they cheer for Eastern or Western, Sparty or the Maize and Blue, Gov. Whitmer has gone on offense to fight for solutions to the common challenges facing all Michiganders,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “She continues to put Michigan first, whether she’s putting checks in drivers’ pockets, getting people back to work or improving public education. Thanks to Gov. Whitmer, costs for working families are going down — just like Ohio State’s football fortunes.” 

Watch the ad here and see a full transcript below:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: This bowl season, whether you like Eastern or Western, Sparty or the Maize and Blue, we can all agree on two things:

We’re for Utah over Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

And after years of overpaying for auto insurance, you deserve a break.

So I got insurance companies to send refund checks directly back to you.

Starting this spring, four-hundred bucks for every vehicle you own.

That’s a win for all of Michigan.