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DGA-Backed Group Announces First Ad in Pennsylvania

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Today, Put Pennsylvania First, an independent expenditure backed by the Democratic Governors Association launched its first ad of the general election in Pennsylvania. The spot, called “Mastriano Backwards”, uses video of Mastriano’s own words to show how the GOP nominee’s extreme agenda to take away women’s reproductive freedoms would drag Pennsylvania backward and reverse 50 years of women’s rights. Mastriano would make all abortions illegal, criminalizing doctors, and forcing pregnancies even for victims of rape or incest.

Watch the ad here and see a full transcript below:

Narrator: “For 50 years, women have had the right to make their own health care decisions. 

The freedom to control their own bodies.

But now, the Supreme Court wants to set women’s rights back a half-century.”

Mastriano: “My body, my choice is ridiculous nonsense.”

Narrator: “As governor, Doug Mastriano would make all abortions illegal.

“Criminalizing doctors.

“Forcing pregnancies even for victims of rape and incest.”

Mastriano: “I don’t give a way for exceptions either.”