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DGA Announces Record-Setting $122M In 2017-18 Cycle

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In Big Haul for Stretch Run, DGA Raises $17.8M in Pre-General Period of Oct 1-17

Today, the Democratic Governors Association announced raising $17.8 million across all entities in the pre-general period (October 1-17). The DGA will file pre-general reports today.
The $17.8 million brings the DGA’s 2017-18 cycle-to-date fundraising to $121.7 million as of Oct. 17. That marks a new record, compared to the previous high of $88 million in 2013-2014.
The DGA also set a new record for annual fundraising, with $80 million raised already in 2018, a dramatic increase over the $60 million raised in 2014.
“The record setting fundraising for this election cycle makes it clear–Democrats are fired up and ready to win big governors races this November,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “The $17 million raised in the first two weeks of October will give us a boost as we go down the stretch with a wide map of possible pickups. Democratic governors are on offense this November.”