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DGA Announces Record-Breaking Off-Year Third Quarter Fundraising

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DGA Raised $29M in Q3, $54M to date in 2021

With a surge of grassroots donations and first-time donors, the DGA announced a record-breaking fundraising haul for Q3. The DGA raised over $29 million in the third quarter of this year alone — a 322% increase from the equivalent period in 2017, the last off-year following a presidential election.

The record-breaking $29 million raised represents the cumulative total across all entities, including grassroots and digital fundraising. The massive haul was driven in large part by grassroots and first-time donors. Among grassroots donations in Q3, nearly 47,000, or 41%, were first-time donors to the DGA. The DGA also saw an increase in the average donation by existing donors.

To date, the DGA has raised over $54 million across all entities in 2021, including 691,668 grassroots donations from 216,250 unique donors. The DGA’s offline program, which includes direct mail and telemarketing, has raised $2.24 million this year. The DGA also raised $500,000 in 2021 through the Swing State Fund, the Green Governors Initiative, and the Women Governors Fund, which is the first and only fundraising initiative dedicated solely to electing Democratic women governors, as recently highlighted by the 19th and Politico.

“The Democratic Governors Association is in a strong position to show up and win in races across the country in 2021 and 2022,” said DGA Executive Director Noam Lee. “As the fight to beat this pandemic, defend voting rights and protect reproductive rights is increasingly shifting to the states, more and more Americans understand that electing Democratic governors matters. We’re seeing that enthusiasm in these surging fundraising numbers, and the DGA is channeling it to protect our heroic incumbents and go on offense in the upcoming elections.”