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DGA Announces Raising Record-Shattering $71.5M in 2023

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DGA Announces Raising Record-Shattering $71.5M in 2023

The Democratic Governors Association raised $71.5 million across all entities in 2023, continuing its red-hot momentum of breaking fundraising records and shattering expectations, as voters and donors are increasingly recognizing the importance of electing Democratic governors ahead of major battleground governor’s races in 2024.

This record-breaking haul represents a 66% increase in support from 2019, the last comparable year, and was powered by a major increase in grassroots and individual donations and first time donors. Some key stats include:

  • A 129% increase in grassroots donors from 2019 — with an average gift of $21.60

  • Contributions from nearly 126,000 individual supporters online, with one-third being first time donors to the DGA

  • A 83% increase in major donor contributions from 2019

This major growth in fundraising led to record investments from the DGA, which spent over $20 million in Kentucky to help re-elect Gov. Andy Beshear. That win added to the DGA’s record of success of winning in deep red and battleground states, which includes re-electing nearly every incumbent Democratic governor going back to 2016 and flipping 3 governships from red to blue in 2022 – a year when the DGA invested over $170 million directly on campaigns.

The DGA’s record-breaking fundraising in 2023 also matches the growing recognition from across the entire Democratic party that electing Democratic governors has never been more important, as they continue to lead the way on fixing the biggest problems facing Americans, while also protecting and expanding fundamental freedoms like reproductive rights and voting rights.

DGA Executive Director Meghan Meehan-Draper said: “With Democratic governors serving as the last line of defense from extreme attacks on democracy and fundamental freedoms, electing more Democratic governors has never been more important. Across the country, the entire Democratic party has seen the DGA’s continued record of success, including winning some of the toughest races and electing governors who have delivered real results for millions of Americans. That momentum is only growing and we look forward to building on this historic fundraising so that we can continue to break records and win big in 2024.”