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DGA Announces New “Hogan Broken Promises” Digital Campaign

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As Hogan Prepares For State of the State, DGA Says “Stop Breaking Promises About Jobs”

Today, as Governor Larry Hogan prepares to deliver his State of the State Address, the Democratic Governors Association is launching a new digital ad buy in Maryland. The “Hogan Broken Promises” campaign hits Hogan for dismissing the loss of 1,300 Maryland jobs after his previous promise to protect jobs and job creators in the state.
After Discovery Communications announced they were leaving the state and taking 1,300 jobs out of Maryland, Governor Hogan callously said it was “not going to be the end of the world.” The fifteen second ad urges Marylanders to tell Hogan to stop breaking his promises about jobs. The Democratic Governors Association will be spending tens of thousands of dollars to run the video ad across online platforms in Maryland.
“Governor Larry Hogan failed the people of Maryland and broke his promise to protect the state’s businesses and jobs,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “On top of that, Hogan showed how out of touch he really is by callously saying that 1,300 lost Maryland jobs are ‘not the end of the world.’ The Democratic Governors Association is holding Hogan accountable for this broken promise.”
The ad can be viewed online HERE.