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DGA Announces Latest Seven-Figure Investment in Mississippi

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DGA Announces Latest Seven-Figure Investment in Mississippi

Additional $3 million investment comes as Brandon Presley builds momentum and shatters fundraising records while Reeves faces mounting questions about corruption

Ahead of Mississippi’s campaign finance filing deadline this evening, the Democratic Governors Association is announcing a crucial investment of nearly $3 million into Brandon Presley’s gubernatorial campaign, in addition to its $750,000 investment in July.

“While Gov. Tate Reeves’ record of failed leadership and corruption has made him deeply unpopular and vulnerable, Brandon Presley is building a strong coalition of Mississippians across party lines who are ready to elect a new governor who will actually put them first,” said DGA Executive Director Meghan Meehan-Draper. “Unlike Reeves, who has used the governorship to benefit himself and his well-connected friends, Brandon will be a governor for all Mississippians — waging war on corruption, axing the grocery tax and cutting car tag fees, and expanding Medicaid to keep hospitals open and make sure hardworking Mississippians can get the health care they need.”

The DGA has a proven record of unseating unpopular incumbents, including in tough states like Kentucky, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Today’s investment announcement comes as Brandon continues to shatter state fundraising records and polling has shown him running neck-and-neck with the vulnerable and deeply unpopular Gov. Tate Reeves, who continues to face scrutiny for his central role in the biggest public corruption scandal in state history. Reeves is also facing broad condemnation for his failure to expand Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of working Mississippians, which has put nearly half the state’s hospitals at risk of closure, and for repeatedly getting caught using taxpayer dollars to underwrite his extravagant lifestyle and political career, and enrich his family members and campaign donors.