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DGA Announces Another $1 Million Investment in Mayor Andrew Gillum’s Political Committee, Forward Florida

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DGA Has Given $3M to Gillum Campaign

Today, the Democratic Governors Association announced an additional $1 million investment in Andrew Gillum’spolitical committee, Forward Florida. This brings the DGA’s total investment so far to $3 million.
“Mayor Andrew Gillum’s strong campaign continues to build momentum as he unites all Floridians behind his bold vision,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “Mayor Gillum’s plan to build a positive future for Florida by increasing access to health care and improving Florida’s public education system is inspiring Floridians across the state. Meanwhile, Rep. Ron DeSantis’ campaign is stumbling under the weight of his record of slashing health care, cutting funding for public schools, and aligning with far-right special interests.
“This latest investment will allow Andrew Gillum to spread his positive message across the state. His grassroots momentum and strong campaign proves why he will be Florida’s next governor.”