DGA Announces $30M in Fundraising in 2015

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DGA Announces $30M in Fundraising in 2015

Record-Setting Fundraising Marks 50% Increase over 2011, While RGA Flat-lines

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) announced today that the organization raised $30.2 million across all entities for the year of 2015, setting a new DGA record for the first year of a four-year gubernatorial cycle. 

The 2015 fundraising marks a 50% increase over the $20 million that the DGA raised in 2011. Meanwhile, the RGA saw just a 2% increase over 2011, going from $44.1 million in 2011 to $45.1 in 2015. 

In doing so, the DGA closed the gap with the RGA by $9 million – going from a 2.5:1 gap to a 1.5:1 gap in four years.

“This record-breaking fundraising year positions the DGA well for the upcoming 3 years,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “Democratic governors are leading the way on policies that boost the economy and strengthen the middle class. The $30 million investment in the DGA in 2015 is a reflection of the growing importance of state elections, heading into redistricting in 2020.”

Historical fundraising figures for previous comparable years are below:

– 2015 — RGA: $45.1M, DGA $30.2M

– 2011 — RGA: $44.1M, DGA $20M

– 2007 — RGA: $21.5M, DGA $12.7M