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DGA Announces $21M in Fundraising in First Half of 2017

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Record-Setting Fundraising Over 60% Increase from Same Period in 2013 Cycle 

The Democratic Governors Association announced today it raised $21 million across all entities in the first half of 2017, setting a new DGA record for this period in a campaign cycle.
The 2017 fundraising marks a more than 60% increase over the $13 million that the DGA raised in the first half of 2013. By comparison, the RGA only increased its figure by 50%.
“This record-breaking fundraising year positions the DGA well for the upcoming elections in 2017 and 2018,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “Winning governorships is the single best way for Democrats to strengthen our party. That’s why Democrats around the country are enthusiastic to donate to the DGA’s efforts to elect more governors as we go on offense in the 2017-18 cycle.”


Historical fundraising figures for previous comparable years are below:
– First Half 2017 — RGA: $36M, DGA $21M
– First Half 2013 — RGA: $24M, DGA $13M