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DeWine’s Medicaid Flip-Flop Reeks of Desperation

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It must be summer because Mike DeWine is breaking out the flip-flops. After spending the last seven years as Attorney General fighting against Medicaid expansion, which covers 700,000 Ohioans, and a fractious GOP primary attacking his opponent over supporting it, DeWine is now trying to claim he supports Medicaid expansion.
DeWine’s 42 year career is littered with stories of swampy behavior. But now he wants Ohioans to forget about who he really fights for–special interest donors. It’s no surprise he’d simply lie about his record to further his ambition.
Maybe this new about face is because his boss, and GOP governor, John Kasich has made it clear he won’t endorse DeWine unless he promises to not cut the Medicaid expansion.
“Mike DeWine throwing around empty promises is the sign of a terrified candidate,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Ohioans should take him on his word in the primary that he would end Medicaid expansion. This latest ploy stinks of desperation. Ohioans see DeWine for what he is–a career politician selling out the middle class for special interest groups. Ohio families deserve a governor that will ensure they don’t have to choose between a meal on the table and affordable health care.”
Here’s a brief history of DeWine attacking the Medicaid expansion and opponents for supporting it:

DeWine attacking his primary opponent for supporting the Medicaid expansion [5/15/18]

DeWine: “[Medicaid expansion] will not exist, Mary, it will not exist the as we know it today”[4/5/18]

DeWine campaign mailers attacking his opponent’s support for the Medicaid expansion [5/3/18]
“Medicaid expansion is part of Obamacare and isn’t financially sustainable for Ohio or the federal government,” DeWine said. “With more flexibility, Ohio can provide better health care and affordable insurance. Further, I hope the version of Obamacare repeal that is ultimately signed by the President will give hope to a generation of Ohioans who need care and give proper resources for Ohio to aggressively battle the opioid crisis.”  [, 6/23/17]