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DeWine Would Sign Unconstitutional Heartbeat Abortion Bill; Where are Other 2018 Gov Candidates?

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DeWine Would Sign Unconstitutional Heartbeat Abortion Bill; Where are Other 2018 Gov Candidates?

DeWine: ‘We would have defended the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ as well.’

DeWine lays early marker in OH-Gov. race

Last night, Ohio GOP Attorney General Mike DeWine endorsed one of the most extreme restrictions on a woman’s right to choose:

“We will certainly defend that,” DeWine said of the newly approved law to roll back abortion rights in Ohio. “We would have defended the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ as well,” DeWine told Ohio Public Radio.

Gov. John Kasich vetoed the “Heartbeat Bill” yesterday calling it “clearly contrary to the Supreme Court of the United States’ current rulings on abortion.” But that didn’t stop DeWine from backing one of the most restrictive anti-choice measures that would have outlawed abortions as early as six weeks into a woman’s pregnancy.

 DeWine’s support of the “Heartbeat Bill” comes as an early, far-right marker as Ohio’s GOP gubernatorial primary continues to take shape. It also begs a simple question: Where do the other GOP candidates interested in Ohio’s gubernatorial election stand on the “Heartbeat” abortion bill?

“Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has thrown his weight behind one of the most dangerous restrictions on a woman’s right to choose,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “The next governor may see the same bill on his or her desk. Now it’s time for other Republicans running for governor‎ to end their silence and say if they’d sign the heartbeat abortion law.”   

In May 2016, the Dayton Daily News reported DeWine confirmed his intention to run for Ohio’s open seat for governor in 2018.