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DeWine Ducks Trump at Ohio Appearance

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DeWine Endorsed by RNC and OHGOP, But Won’t Appear with President

Today, President Trump travelled to Ohio and only one of the Republicans running for governor showed up. Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor was there to welcome Trump and even got a shoutout from the President:
Watch here:

Who was missing? Attorney General Mike DeWine.

DeWine is endorsed by the RNC and the Ohio Republican Party. DeWine and his allies have reiterated his support for President Trump and his policies throughout the primary fight:
RNC Co-Chairman Robert Paduchik:

RNC Co-Chairman Paduchik said DeWine, the party’s endorsed candidate, “has been a steadfast supporter of President Trump’s policy agenda for regulatory reform, border security, and ending sanctuary cities.” He said Ohio will be the most important state in the 2018 midterm elections and in Trump’s re-election, and DeWine would be a governor “who stands up for our conservative values and President Trump when it matters.”

DeWine Campaign Spokesperson Ryan Stubenrauch:

As attorney general, Stubenrauch said, DeWine also filed legal briefs supporting Trump’s efforts to defund “sanctuary cities” and restrict travel from countries including North Korea, Syria, Somaila, and Venezuela. “Mike DeWine is the only candidate who has taken action to defend his conservative positions and President Trump.”

But when Trump actually came to town, DeWine was nowhere to be found.