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Despite Warnings, Walker Stapleton Can’t Get Enough of Trump

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Over the weekend, Walker Stapleton’s former GOP opponent, Victor Mitchell, had some advice for the GOP nominee for governor- run far, far away from Donald Trump.
Shot: “My advice to Walker, for whatever it’s worth, is to run as far away from Donald Trump as possible, I understand he’s gone all in for Donald Trump. He says he loves Trump. He supports him 100 percent, unequivocally. He voted for him. He’s all in for Trump. You know he’s all in with Tom Tancredo and others who are all in for Trump 100 percent, under any conditions, always Trumpers. And personally I think that’s not a smart strategy I think.” -Victor Mitchell
“I was the only Treasurer in the country with the courage to support Donald Trump’s tax cuts.” – Walker Stapleton [5/15/18]

What the president has done, which I agree with, is he has called on the federal government, specifically Congress, to fix our broken immigration system” -Defending Trump’s family separation policy, [6/20/18]

“Bring the President of the United States, who I agree with policy-wise.” – Walker Stapleton [5/21/18]
“Let there be no doubt about it, Walker Stapleton is dedicated to the Trump agenda,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “When he found himself in the middle of a heated GOP primary, Stapleton had no problem cozying up to Trump, even lying about his support for the Trump tax debacle. No amount of photo ops, or advice from former opponents, can make up for all that love.”