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Desperate to Defend Anti-Science Record, Paul LePage and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu Attempt to Rewrite History

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At a campaign event today, Paul LePage and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu will scramble to rewrite history and criticize Gov. Janet Mills’ handling of the pandemic — but a look back at LePage’s anti-health, anti-science record shows his handling of COVID would be catastrophic.

LePage vetoed opioid treatment bills and blocked health care expansion for more than 81,000 Mainers as governor. Press Herald columnist Greg Kesich says, “a lot of people would have gotten sick” if LePage were governor during the pandemic.

LePage’s record on public health has only gotten worse during the pandemic. He participated in anti-COVID mitigation rallies at the State House and criticized Gov. Mills’ public health policies during his campaign kickoff.

Sununu is desperate to cover for LePage, arguing that Mainers are looking to New Hampshire as a better model on COVID. The truth is that Maine is outperforming New Hampshire when it comes to its pandemic response.

Gov. Mills has taken a bipartisan approach to navigate the pandemic and continues to earn net positive approval ratings for her response. Under her leadership, Maine’s vaccination rate is higher than that of New Hampshire’s while its case and death rates per capita are lower.

“Paul LePage wants to rewrite history to cover up his anti-health, anti-science record of gutting public health infrastructure and blocking health care for thousands of Mainers,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “If LePage thinks he can make the 2022 election a referendum on who would have done a better job handling COVID, Maine’s strong pandemic response and near best-in-the-nation results under Gov. Mills will speak for themselves.”