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DeSantis Debate Strategy: Hug Trump, Hide Health Care

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Ron DeSantis Can’t Escape His Record On Health Care

Two things are guaranteed to happen in tonight’s CNN debate in Florida. Ron DeSantis will double down on his strategy of cozying up to Donald Trump, and he still won’t tell Floridians anything about his health care proposals.
Having won a primary campaign “entirely predicated on his fealty to Trump,” he is having trouble escaping the heavy political anchors that come with that kind of cult-like support, in particular, the President’s disastrous health care policies.
What makes it worse for Ron DeSantis is not just that he supported TrumpCare – he actually didn’t think cutting health care for 24 million people and gutting protections for pre-existing went far enough! On CNN, he even argued universal healthcare already exists because “if people really need it, they show up to the emergency room.”
Now, he’s playing hide the ball with his health care plans, refusing to tell Floridians the truth about what he would do to their health care plans. He has repeatedly told reporters his campaign was on the verge of laying out a health care plan — only to cancel the rollout each time.
He can’t run on his record, because Floridians are rejecting it in droves, and he can’t run away from it because voters would trust him even less than they do now.
“Tonight, Ron DeSantis is going to send a lot of love in Trump’s direction, except for on one glaring issue – health care,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “With sixteen days left, it’s obvious why he has no health care proposal and it’s because he can’t run on his record of gutting protections for pre-existing conditions and ending Medicare as we know it.”
To learn more about Ron DeSantis’ terrible record on health care, and what he would do to Floridians health care, go to