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Derek Schmidt Refuses to Condemn Violent Rhetoric at Campaign Event

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Kansas City Star Report Reveals Video of Schmidt’s Running Mate Laughing as Supporter Threatens, Gov. Kelly “Oughta Change the Lock on Her Office Door” 

A recent Kansas City Star report features video of Derek Schmidt’s running mate Katie Sawyer laughing after a supporter threatened Gov. Kelly.

The supporter shouted out that Gov. Laura Kelly, “oughta change the lock on her office door,” presumably in the event Schmidt supporters were to storm the state capitol.

Both Derek Schmidt and his running mate have since refused to condemn the violent rhetoric that took place at their campaign event. And rather than addressing the threat, the RGA rushed to do damage control on Twitter by attacking the Kansas City Star for holding Schmidt accountable.

“Derek Schmidt’s silence on the violent rhetoric coming out of his campaign event is inexcusable,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “How can Derek Schmidt claim to be for law and order when he refuses to condemn violent threats at his own campaign events?