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DENVER POST: Stapleton Paid Violent Felon from Florida to Gather Signatures in Colorado

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Signature Gatherer Pled Guilty to Felony Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer

A bombshell front-page Denver Post investigation today revealed that embattled GOP gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton’s signature firm paid a violent felon from Florida to gather signatures for Stapleton’s campaign.

One signature collector, Jason McCarthy, 27, initially listed his Florida address on the petition as his permanent address, only to cross through it and put a Fort Collins resource center for the homeless as his residence.
Florida court records show McCarthy has been charged with at least four felonies since 2010, including burglary and unauthorized possession and a driver’s license, and pleaded guilty to battery of a law enforcement officer.

Earlier this week, Stapleton chose to throw out all of his 19,000+ signatures when it was discovered that the firm he hired, Kennedy Enterprises, was using fraudulent methods to collect them. The firm has a history of hiring felons, including sex offenders. Stapleton paid them more than $200,000 for the work.
“Walker Stapleton’s campaign is a mess,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Colorado voters deserve answers about why Walker Stapleton paid money to a Floridian felon who attacked a police officer. Stapleton’s decision to do business with Kennedy Enterprises raises serious questions about his judgement, let alone his ability to run a state.”