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Democratic Women Governors Join CNN to Discuss Being on the “Frontline” Protecting Reproductive Rights and Delivering For Their States

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Democratic Women Governors Join CNN to Discuss Being on the “Frontline” Protecting Reproductive Rights and Delivering For Their States

The governors discussed the recent ruling in Alabama on IVF and how reproductive rights will remain on the forefront of voters’ minds in 2024 

On Friday, seven of the eight Democratic women governors sat down with CNN’s Abby Phillip for an exclusive interview on their roles as women executives, how Democratic governors are leading the way on key issues and delivering big wins for the people of their states, and the stakes of the 2024 election cycle.

When asked what the “defining issue” of the upcoming election cycle will be, DGA Vice Chair Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly answered “I have no doubt that it’s going to be women’s reproductive rights,” especially in light of the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling on IVF. Watch the clip HERE.

The governors also discussed how they are on the frontline of some of the biggest issues impacting families, and how they use their strong relationships with each other to lead. Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey, who is also chair of the DGA’s Women Governors Fund, said “we’re on the front lines in our states delivering for families, growing our economies, doing the work, and [having] conversations with one another.” Watch the clip HERE.

Read other key quotes below: 

  • New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said of the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on IVF: “this is Republicans trying to weaponize women’s rights again.”
  • Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek: “We need to stand up in our states, whether it’s stockpiling mifepristone or making sure we have the providers we need.”
  • Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey: “It’s a dangerous moment when there are those kinds of rulings from courts and also those kinds of pronouncements from people running for office.”
  • Maine Gov. Janet Mills: “Republican women don’t agree with the Dobbs decision…Independent women don’t agree with the Dobbs decision, but [Trump] made that happen, and now we’re living with the consequences.”
  • New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham: “We’re on the frontlines of protecting women from other states…New Mexico is leaning in, making sure women in Oklahoma and Texas and Nevada have safe harbor in our state for comprehensive … basic health care.”