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Democratic Governors: Senate TrumpCare Bill Will ‘Devastate Our Health Care System’

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Democratic Govs Highlight Disastrous Potential Impacts on Their States

Today, Democratic governors highlighted how harmful the new Senate health care bill would be for people in their states. This version of Trumpcare makes deep cuts to Medicaid, raises premiums, and would bankrupt state budgets jeopardizing vital health services for millions of Americans.
Below are excerpts from several Democratic governors’ statements:
Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, DGA Chair
“Republicans in the Senate had an opportunity to reject the disastrous bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives and work together with Democrats to build on the successes of the Affordable Care Act. Instead, they chose to double down on Trumpcare – which is as cruel as it is dangerous. Millions will lose coverage. Premiums will go up. Those with pre-existing conditions will be priced out of coverage. Medicaid will be eviscerated.”
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, DGA Vice Chair
“In my state, Medicaid-funded ACA services help more than 32,000 people with developmental disabilities and 65,000 low-income seniors and vulnerable adults. The Republican proposal would take away services from more than 25 percent of these men and women, eliminating the support services that help them find employment, secure safe housing or assisted living care, and other day-to-day support.”
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, DGA Policy Chair
“Like the disastrous House proposal, this bill will strip coverage from millions of New Yorkers, cost New York State billions of dollars, and devastate our health care system. Senate Republicans have intensified the war on Medicaid services that New Yorkers rely on. And by keeping the reckless Collins-Faso Amendment, this bill targets New York and threatens to slash an additional $2.3 billion in Medicaid funding for the state, leading to devastating cuts to our hospitals, nursing homes, and home care providers.”
California Gov. Jerry Brown
“Trumpcare 2.0 has the same stench – and effect – as the bill House Republicans and the White House slapped together last month: Millions will lose health care coverage, while millionaires profit. The American people deserve better.”
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf
“The deeper and more devastating cuts to Medicaid in this plan make it even crueler than the House plan. Some politicians in Washington are completely disconnected from the reality of how cutting Medicaid will damage real Pennsylvania families, and communities. Seniors in need of home or nursing care, children with disabilities, and rural hospitals and working families relying on Medicaid will all be left behind. The Senate plan prioritizes tax cuts for the wealthy, modest deficit reductions and achieving a political victory over families who need lifesaving care.”
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper
“The Senate’s health care bill, like the House bill, will take Colorado backward. It makes even deeper cuts to health care for the most vulnerable and shifts the costs onto hard working middle class Coloradans. It’s no surprise that a bill drafted in secret, without public hearings and scrutiny, and planned for a rushed vote within days, will hurt Coloradans. We urge Senators Gardner and Bennet to vote no on this flawed bill.”
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock
“The latest health care bill is exactly what’s wrong with Washington DC. Drafted in secret without bipartisan support or public input, this bill will threaten the health of hard-working Montana families in order to cut taxes for the wealthy. Forcing a dangerous and costly health care bill like this one onto Americans isn’t making our health care system better – it’s hurting those who need it most.”
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper
“Health care should be affordable and accessible but this new Senate plan, like the House bill before it, does the opposite. As I said at last week’s White House Opioid Commission meeting, taking away health care from millions of people hurts our battle against the opioid crisis. This Senate plan especially hurts children, seniors and the disabled and it dumps more of the cost of health care on state taxpayers. North Carolina’s senators should oppose it.”
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe
“This bill would cost Virginia’s budget hundreds of millions of dollars by placing a per-capita cap on Medicaid, leaving us with the choice to cut critical health and long-term care services for people who need them, slash schools and transportation, or raise taxes. This bill will also significantly impede our efforts to combat the opioid and behavioral health crises Virginia and many other states face by jeopardizing coverage for people who are struggling with addiction.”
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown
“While the U.S. Senate considers the #AHCA, we must make it clear that cutting access to health care is unacceptable and takes us backward.”
Louisana Gov. John Bel Edwards
“We can all agree that the Affordable Care Act needs improvements in a number of areas.  However, an initial review of this legislation raises several red flags for the state of Louisiana.  Most notably, it dismantles Medicaid and will leave the 428,000 working poor in Louisiana who are covered under expansion with nowhere to turn for coverage.”
Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo

“Congressional Republicans are trying to pass an immoral piece of legislation and they’re hoping that no one notices. The Affordable Care Act is working in Rhode Island. 100,000 Rhode Islanders count on the ACA for access to life-saving health coverage. The Senate TrumpCare proposal is just as ‘mean’ as the House version and puts American and Rhode Island lives at risk so millionaires and billionaires can get a tax cut. I stand with hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders, including Senators Reed and Whitehouse and Congressmen Langevin and Cicilline in vocal, active opposition to this disastrous proposal.