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Democratic Governors Now Represent the Majority of Americans

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With Inaugurations in Illinois and Kansas, Dems Now Represent 175 Million Americans

The majority of Americans are now led by Democratic governors, following today’s inaugurations of Governors JB Pritzker (IL) and Laura Kelly (KS).
Democratic governors now represent 175 million Americans, 54% of the U.S. population. Democrats gained the majority of the population in the 2018 elections, flipping 7 governors’ offices that represent a total of 39 million people.
The 7 pickups mark the biggest election year for Democratic governors since 1982.
Democratic Governors Association Chair Governor Gina Raimondo (RI) issued the following statement on Democratic governors representing the majority of the population.
“Today marks a major milestone for Democratic governors: We now represent a majority of the American people,” said Gov. Raimondo. “This past November, Americans loudly rejected the chaos and failed policies of Washington D.C. by electing Democratic governors in record-setting fashion. Now, a majority of Americans can count on a Democratic governor to expand access to affordable health care, invest in strong public schools, and fight for an economy that works for all.  
“Democratic governors are a critical counterweight to the chaos of Washington, D.C. I look forward to working with my fellow Democratic governors to advance innovative policies in our states that will benefit the majority of Americans.”