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Democratic Governors Condemn Insurrection at Capitol, Call On Republican Colleagues To Do the Same

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Yesterday, a group of domestic terrorists led an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, spurred on by President Trump and Republicans who have embraced Trump’s violent rhetoric and spread anti-democratic conspiracies.

For far too long, Republicans have enabled Trump and refused to condemn his inappropriate behavior because they benefited politically. While Democratic governors spoke out against yesterday’s Republican-led attempts to undermine the election, many Republican governors remained silent as members of Congress objected to certifying Biden’s electoral victory.

It must stop – Republican governors need to speak out against the Republican-led attempts to reverse the results of our free and fair election and prevent a peaceful transfer of power. Our democracy depends on it.

Every Democratic governor spoke out against the violence at the capitol, and the Republican-led efforts that inspired the terrorists:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom: “Peaceful protest is an important mechanism of our democracy but what we are witnessing in our nation’s Capitol building is reprehensible and an outright assault to our democracy and Democratic institutions.

“The people of California have spoken, and our congressional delegation should never have to fear for their lives to represent Californians. We are concerned for the safety of California’s congressional delegation and U.S. Capitol staff, and are reaching out to offer support in every way possible. President Trump must call for an end to this escalating situation, acknowledge the will of the people to bring President-Elect Biden to the White House and move immediately to a peaceful transition of power.”

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (bipartisan joint statement with Rep. Ken Buck): “In America, we hold free, fair, and secure elections and we honor the outcome. We respect the rule of law and an assault on our democratic republic is an assault on all of us who believe in our constitution and what makes our country extraordinary. We respect the peaceful transition of power. The alarming scenes that are unfolding in Washington are something you might expect to see in countries far from our shores, not in our nation’s capitol, and certainly not in the hallowed halls or on the floor of Congress. We are relieved that Colorado’s federal delegation is safe. We all must step up to protect the institutions of our republic, free and fair elections, and the rule of law.”

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont: “Mr. President, words have consequences. And your angry words have dangerous consequences. We’re looking at the TV right now. Demand that your agitators stand down and respect the peaceful transfer of power.”

Delaware Gov. John Carney: “Congress has a constitutional responsibility to uphold the will of the American people and approve the election of a President. The lawless mob at the Capitol today attempted to violently interfere in that constitutional process. Their actions were a disgrace and an affront to our democracy. We had a free and fair election. It’s time to move forward, respect the will of American voters, and go to work on the very serious challenges we face as a country.”

Hawaii Gov. David Ige: “The news that protestors have stormed the U.S. Capitol is extremely distressing. It is an assault on democracy and everything this country stands for. The vote certification process and peaceful transition of power must be completed as required by the United States Constitution, following a free and fair election. In Hawai‘i, State Sheriffs -Department of Public Safety, are working with the Honolulu Police Department to protect the Hawai‘i State Capitol if necessary.”

Illinois Gov. JB Pritkzer: “I don’t make a statement like this lightly: Two weeks is too long for Donald Trump to remain in office, where he can continue to incite more untold violence. […] There is no doubt in my mind that his efforts to encourage a coup represent high treason to this democracy, our Constitution and all Americans. He poses a danger to our nation. He must be impeached and removed from office immediately. And every person in a position of public trust, elected or otherwise, who enabled the systematic dismantling of our democratic norms and failed to speak up or take action bears some responsibility for the culmination of four years of spreading bile.

“This violence is the natural conclusion of Donald Trump’s efforts to unleash the forces of hate and divide our nation. It must end.”

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly: ”Acts of violence or destruction – especially when targeted at law enforcement and members of the press – is unacceptable. Now more than ever, we need to come together and fight this virus – not each other.”

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear: “[…] When you try to use force, intimidation to get what you want, to overthrow an election, to stop business of Congress, yes – you are acting as a domestic terrorist. And these attempts at bullying all over the country to get what you want, even if elections don’t allow it or the support isn’t there, it is not okay. Today, there cannot be Democrats or Republicans, there can only be Americans, and all of us must condemn this in no uncertain terms. And anyone who doesn’t – you cannot fan the flames and condemn the fire.”

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards: “It is sad and tragic what is happening in Washington right now.” 

Maine Gov. Janet Mills: ”Like many Americans, I condemn the violence and destruction occurring at the U.S. Capitol. Our country has conducted a free and a fair election in which the American people have spoken, and now the peaceful transfer of power – a hallmark of our democracy – must proceed. […] The violence must end, and all leaders, of every political stripe, including the President, must forcefully denounce these actions and defend our democracy. […]”

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: “I am appalled at the insurrection we saw in our nation’s Capitol today. We had an election. We voted. Now, we need to work together to move forward.”

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz: “[…] We must recognize that democracy cannot be taken for granted. We ask our soldiers to endanger their lives to defend our democracy abroad—we all have a duty to protect it here at home. That means toning down our rhetoric, bridging divides, and upholding our Democratic ideals.

“History is being written today. What will our future students read about this moment in their textbooks? It’s on us to ensure today is the end of a chapter. And marks the beginning of when America stood up and stood together.”

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper: “The peaceful transition of power is the hallmark of our democracy. Today’s terrorism is not who we are. This attack on our country must be overcome. America is better than this.”

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy: “Make no mistake – yesterday was no accident. It was the result of four years of gaslighting and concerted attempts from within to weaken our democracy. But our democracy proved more resilient than the deranged conspiracy theories. God bless America.”

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham: “There is no place in our country or state for this. This is beneath the United States of America. It is not who we are. I am sickened beyond words by the scenes from Washington, D.C., this afternoon. It is nothing less than domestic terrorism, enacted in an effort to overturn a free and fair election. […] The president of the United States has stoked this anti-democracy sentiment. He has fanned flames of hatred and violence. His reprehensible attacks on the rule of law and American democracy have directly inspired this unconscionable display of disorder and mob mentality. He is responsible. He has always been responsible. His conspiracies and threats endanger the very fabric of our nation. He – and every one of his enablers – must be held accountable. The president must immediately join leaders across the political spectrum in calling for an end to the chaos he has caused.”

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak: ”The chaos that has erupted in the United States Capitol is the opposite of patriotic — it is undemocratic and un-American.  I am praying for the safety of Nevada’s federal delegation, all congressional members and staff, & law enforcement officers. This must stop.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ”We must call today’s violence what it actually is: a failed attempt at a coup. We won’t let President Trump, those in Congress who enable him, or the lawless mob that stormed the Capitol steal our democracy. The will of the American people will be carried out.”

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: “Violence answers nothing, solves nothing, offers nothing.  Today, we saw attacks on democracy, the Constitution, and the American people.  This is not who we are. We will not be intimidated. In Oregon, we will keep working together to build a more just future.”

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf: “Today, President Trump’s supporters attempted a coup. This was the direct result of a deliberate disinformation campaign by Republicans from the President down to legislators in Pennsylvania. […] It is past time for Republicans to stop lying and tell their supporters the truth. President Trump lost. The election was fair. President Trump received fewer votes. That’s it. We have had a peaceful transfer of power every election cycle in our nation’s history but because of the actions of Republicans, we can no longer say that. I am disgusted, but I will keep fighting to make our democracy stronger.”

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo: ”Praying for the safety of members of Congress, staff, Capitol Police, media, first responders, and all public servants at the Capitol, and for a peaceful end to this assault on our democracy.”

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam: “[…] The violence we saw at the U.S. Capitol today was nothing short of an armed insurrection and a humiliating assault on American democracy. The President incited this mob with his refusal to accept the lawful results of a fair and secure election. And the members of Congress who have enabled him—and who continue to encourage and praise his efforts—bear just as much responsibility. […] I commend the Virginia National Guard and Virginia State Police for quickly stepping up in this time of great need.

“Let me be clear: Virginia will be there for as long as it takes to protect our nation’s capital and ensure the peaceful transfer of power.”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: “[…] On a day in our nation’s capital, where we were to effectuate the most important act of our democracy — the peaceful transfer of power — was forcefully interrupted by those who refuse to accept verdicts of the people, the courts, and the truth itself. […] Those acts of intimidation will not succeed in any way shape or form. We will continue the work we are doing to protect the health of Washingtonians. In D.C., Congress will follow the will of the American people and take yet another step on the long march to protecting people’s right to self-government that has so far succeeded through centuries of frequent tension in our politics.”

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers: ”As are so many Wisconsinites and Americans, I am watching these horrifying events unfold in Washington, D.C. in disbelief. The peaceful transfer of power is at the very heart of our government and our country. This is an attack on our democracy. Period.

“There must be swift, bipartisan condemnation in no uncertain terms–by the president, by elected officials who’ve sought to sow division and distrust in our election, by elected officials who’ve failed to unequivocally denounce these efforts, all of which fed into today’s events. […]”