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Democratic Governors Association Launches “Unhealthy Michigan,” a New Website Highlighting Bill Schuette’s Plan to Rip Healthcare Away From Michigan Families

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Schuette Wants Michiganders to Pay More for Less Healthcare

Today, the Democratic Governors Association launched, “Unhealthy Michigan”, a website detailing Bill Schuette’s plan to rip healthcare away from thousands of Michigan families and threaten the financial and physical livelihood of everyday Michiganders.
Schuette has a long and historic career of selling out the people of Michigan for special interests. Now, he wants to sell out Michiganders for the Trump healthcare plan –rolling back protections for those with pre-existing conditions, supporting expensive tax giveaways, and even undermining maternity coverage.
“Do not be mistaken, Bill Schuette would sell out Michigan families in a heartbeat if it helps him or his special interest backers,” says Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Gutting affordable access to healthcare for Michigan families is the least of his worries. Despite 680,000 Michiganders relying on Healthy Michigan, Schuette wants to roll back the Medicaid expansion, raise healthcare prices, and leave Michiganders out in the cold. Michigan deserves better than Schuette’s ‘Unhealthy Michigan’ plan.”
The new site highlights the damage Schuette will wreck on Michigan by rolling back “Healthy Michigan.” His ‘Unhealthy Michigan’ plan will raise prices by an average of 1,500 dollars per person, undermine efforts to combat the opioid crisis, and threaten the essential care that millions rely on for pre-existing conditions.