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Democratic Governors Association Chair Governor Jay Inslee (WA) Statement On Georgia Ballot Counting

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Chair Governor Jay Inslee (WA) released the following statement on the ballot counting process in Georgia:
“Throughout this entire election process, Secretary of State Brian Kemp has ignored his own blatant conflicts of interest and undemocratically thrown every possible roadblock in front of the voters of Georgia. By only resigning from his office after declaring himself the victor of the campaign, he has underlined just how inappropriate it was for him to ever serve as referee in a contest in which he was competing.
“The right to vote is a sacred cornerstone of democracy. I salute the Stacey Abrams campaign for stepping in where Kemp’s office has failed and doing everything possible to ensure that each and every ballot across Georgia’s 159 counties will be counted. The Democratic Governors Association will continue to support their efforts to protect Georgians’ constitutional right to vote.”