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Democratic Gov. Sisolak Responds to President Trump’s Attacks on Democratic Governors During Presidential Debate

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Tonight, President Donald Trump again attacked Democratic governors for life-saving policies they implemented to mitigate the deadly effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada issued the following statement:

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, governors have been leading the country’s COVID-19 response. In the absence of science-driven leadership from the White House, we stepped up to combat the pandemic, implementing commonsense public health policies like mask requirements and extending the safety net to protect families. In Nevada, we also enacted the toughest hospitality worker protection laws in the nation.

“Had the Trump administration taken similar steps at the federal level, the United States might be in a better position to control the virus and begin the long road to recovery. Instead, states have been left to manage on their own, pushing back on contradictory messages and actions from the administration, and the country is in a precarious position heading into the winter.

“It is because of Democratic governors – and in spite of the White House – that our country has managed to survive thus far. But instead of acknowledging this progress, President Trump has attacked us – threatening the very safety of our families, our staff, and ourselves. If the White House ever decides to take this deadly disease seriously, governors will welcome the support. In the meantime, President Trump must end his vitriolic rhetoric against Democratic governors.”