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Dem Govs React to Trump’s Underfunded Infrastructure Plan

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‘His plan would essentially throw states a few Legos when what we really need is concrete and steel.’

Today, Democratic governors reacted to President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan, which expects states and unnamed private partners to put forward more than 85 percent of the $1.5 trillion in funding. 

“His plan would essentially throw states a few Legos when what we really need is concrete and steel. His $1.5 trillion plan expects state, local and private partners to pick up more than 85 percent of the tab. States cannot and should not bear the burden of building a 21st century infrastructure system on our own,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee wrote in a statement released today.

“I find it appalling that this president would borrow $1.5 trillion for a tax cut that primarily benefits the wealthiest 1 percent while putting forward an infrastructure plan that fails to meet even this country’s most basic transportation and other infrastructure needs,” Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy said in a statement today. 

“I continue to be on the one hand underwhelmed by the infrastructure plan, which has a lot of good words associated with it, but not a lot of coin,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said in comments made to reporters today.