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Dem Govs Lead Opposition to Trump Muslim Ban

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Dem Govs Lead Opposition to Trump Muslim Ban

DGA video shows Democratic governors weighing in against Trump Executive Order

Democratic governors emerge as leading voices against Trump overreach

Donald Trump’s Executive Order banning individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries was met with a clear message by the nation’s Democratic governors: Not in my state.

A video released today by the Democratic Governors Association highlights clips of Democratic governors leading protests in their states over the weekend — speaking out against individuals being detained in airports across the country.

“It is extremely inhumane, it’s cruel and it’s unconstitutional. And by the way, it’s clear discrimination based on religion,” Gov. Inslee told CNN after leading a protest at SeaTac International Airport. 

“You are welcome here,” Gov. Wolf told a group of detained immigrants at Philadelphia International Airport.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe addressed the crowd at Dulles International Airport, calling Virginia “open and welcoming to everybody.”

“We have no tolerance for intolerance,” Gov. Cuomo said, after launching a state hotline to assist immigrants and promising legal aid to those who were detained.

Watch DGA the video below:

Democratic governors all over the country are emerging as bulwarks against federal overreach demonstrated by the Trump Administration.

In addition to leading protests in their states, Democratic governors such as Gov. Dan Malloy (D-CT) have become the nation’s leading voices against the dangerous impacts of Trump’s policies at the state level. Washington State – led by Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee – also became the first state to sue the Trump administration over the immigration order.