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Dem Govs Get it Done: Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Proposes Monumental Increase to Teacher Salaries

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This week, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that she is proposing a monumental salary increase for all New Mexico teachers and school staff. The base pay bumps and 7% raise will increase the average teacher salary to $64,006 per year for more than 50,000 K-12 educators and school staff.

Gov. Lujan Grisham is once again proving her commitment to educator compensation, tackling educator vacancies, getting money into schools, and improving New Mexico’s education system.

Her leadership has led New Mexico to offer the most competitive teacher salaries in the region. Since Gov. Lujan Grisham came into office, New Mexico teachers have seen an average 35% total increase in base salary levels.

“New Mexico educators deserve better compensation – it’s as simple as that,” said Gov. Lujan Grisham. “And we will deliver it.”

Meanwhile, the GOP primary field is filled with extremists who would undermine public education improvement initiatives. Rebecca Dow voted against Gov. Lujan Grisham’s 2019 teacher raises, Greg Zanetti has proposed eliminating New Mexico’s Public Education Department, and Jay Block has suggested that New Mexico use standardized tests to punish teachers.

“Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham made a promise to fight for New Mexico teachers, school staff, and students — and she’s followed through on that commitment time and time again,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “While the Republican gubernatorial candidates attack educators and public school funding, Gov. Lujan Grisham is delivering real results for New Mexico families. We look forward to helping re-elect her and continuing this progress next year.”