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Dem Govs Get It Done: Gov. Janet Mills’ Free Community College Program Leads to Skyrocketing Applications and Boosts Workforce

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According to a new report from the Portland Press Herald, Gov. Janet Mills’ program to fund community college tuition for pandemic-impacted students has changed the lives of Maine students and is addressing the workforce shortage by boosting applications to local community colleges.

“It’s great to tell these kids about this and let them know that they can live out their dreams without taking out substantial loans,” said one Maine high school counselor. “It takes a huge burden off them.”

The Maine community college system has received 11 percent more applications this year compared to the same time last year. Beyond lifting a massive financial weight off students’ shoulders, Gov. Mills’ program has also garnered praise for bolstering Maine’s recovering economy.

“We believe providing free college is the most effective policy that a state government can enact to help build its economic future while providing immediate opportunities for young people in the state,” said Morley Winograd, president of the Campaign for Free College Tuition.

“Gov. Janet Mills continues to deliver on her campaign promise to strengthen the economy and create opportunities for all Mainers,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Students, colleges, and employers are all experiencing firsthand the positive impact of Gov. Mills’ bold leadership.”