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Dem Govs Get It Done: Gov. Janet Mills Announces $5.5 Million Investment to Expand Child Care for Working Families

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Today, Gov. Janet Mills announced a $5.5 million investment in Maine child care providers, the latest in a larger project to expand the availability of affordable, high-quality child care for working families.

“We’re focused on recruiting more child care workers, building more child care facilities, and making child care more affordable so that every parent can access quality care for their kids,” said Gov. Mills. “My administration will continue to work to strengthen the child care system that our working families rely on.”

The new investment builds upon Gov. Mills’ leadership to provide permanent $200 monthly salary supplements for child care workers and invest $15 million to construct and expand child care programs.

To help providers stay open and increase pay for staff, Gov. Mills has granted over $100 million in funding since the start of the pandemic. Thanks to Gov. Mills, providers have been able to maintain and even build capacity during her term.

“Gov. Janet Mills’ investments in child care have been a much-needed lifeline for working families,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Gov. Mills is helping parents get back to work, giving kids a safe place to learn and grow, and ensuring providers are paid well for their hard work. That’s the kind of leadership Maine deserves.”