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Dem Govs Call for End of Shutdown

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As Day 18 of the government shutdown drags on, hundreds of thousands of federal workers go without a paycheck. Democratic governors across the country are calling upon legislators in Washington, DC to end the shutdown and to get back to working for Americans.
DGA Policy Chair New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
“We will not allow President Trump’s repugnant symbol of division close the true representations of who we are as a state and a nation. As we’ve done before when Washington’s dysfunction has shut down the government, New York will step up and ensure the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island remain open for the world to look to for strength and hope during this tumultuous time.”
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
“Each day the federal government shutdown continues, it delays long-term funds needed for Hurricane Florence recovery and threatens to hold up vital services for North Carolina families. President Trump and members of Congress must work together to resolve the shutdown quickly and responsibly.”
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam
“A shutdown of any kind negatively impacts Virginia’s economy and inflicts real harm on federal workers and contractors throughout the Commonwealth. Virginia is home to 130,000 federal workers, many of whom work for agencies and departments affected by the current shutdown. 
“Again, I urge you to fully consider the impact that a shutdown has on the lives of Virginians and others around the country. Please work to end this shutdown.”
Washington Governor Jay Inslee
“The president has doubled down on a temper tantrum of epic proportions. The level of disruption and destruction he has wrought with his fixation on building a useless wall is staggering. He has divided families and traumatized children, sowed xenophobia and division throughout the nation, and for the third time this year will force a shutdown of the federal government that will have real consequences for millions of families this holiday season.”
Oregon Governor Kate Brown
“Today, President Trump is proud to have brought much of the federal government to a halt, just to carry out a campaign promise that distracts from the real needs of Americans. But also today, I’m proud that we live in a state where Oregonians have stood up for their values and sent a clear message that ours is a welcoming and inclusive state, a place where all Oregonians have access to quality, affordable healthcare, and where environmental stewardship and economic development work hand-in-hand. As we enter the holiday season, I call on our incoming congressional leaders to look ahead and counterbalance the political games from the Trump Administration that have dominated 2018.”