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Decision Watch 2024: Will Chris Sununu Finally Get a “Real Job”?

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Decision Watch 2024: Will Chris Sununu Finally Get a “Real Job”?

After Gov. Chris Sununu closed out his out-of-state press tour earlier this month by promising to make a decision around July 4th about whether he will seek a fifth term, the Democratic Governors Association is helping make his decision a little easier this week by reminding him of all the ways he has failed Granite Staters and shown them that he doesn’t want the job.

As we have noted in the past, there is not enough money in the world to keep Gov. Sununu interested in doing his duties as governor. Sununu has said as much for months: regarding his decision on whether he will be seeking a fifth term, Sununu claimed that he has to “get a real job,” and during an appearance on a local radio show, Sununu hinted that he would not run for reelection because he needs to “make a real paycheck…” as he collects an annual salary more than twice that of the average Granite Stater.

“As Granite Staters await solutions to the very real problems they are facing, Gov. Sununu appears to be suffering from a case of senioritis,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “If it’s greener pastures and bigger paychecks he wants, we encourage Gov. Sununu to follow his heart to the private sector and allow a real leader to get to work on behalf of Granite Staters. We look forward to helping to work to elect a Democratic governor in New Hampshire that will do exactly that.”

Earlier this week, the DGA reminded New Hampshire voters of the other reasons Sununu is unfit for another term, including abandoning the state for his cross-country press tour, signing the most extreme abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history, failing to address the state’s worsening housing crisis, and attacking public education.