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Decision Watch 2024: Gov. Sununu’s Failure to Address Housing Crisis Has Turned NH Into a Housing Desert

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Decision Watch 2024: Gov. Sununu’s Failure to Address Housing Crisis Has Turned NH Into a Housing Desert

After Gov. Chris Sununu closed out his out-of-state press tour earlier this month by promising to make a decision around July 4th about whether he will seek a fifth term, the Democratic Governors Association is helping make his decision a little easier this week by reminding him of all the ways he has failed Granite Staters and shown them that he doesn’t want the job.

After four terms in office, Gov. Sununu has failed to meaningfully address the housing crisis that has priced thousands of New Hampshire families out of options. As supply continues to diminish, housing costs continue to rise – the median cost for a single-family home in New Hampshire has skyrocketed past the national average to $450,000. Lack of housing poses a major threat to the state’s economy and workforce: without access to affordable housing, businesses are left without employees and could be forced to leave the state.

“Gov. Sununu’s refusal to seriously confront New Hampshire’s housing crisis is cruel, irresponsible, and bad for business,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “His failure to invest in affordable housing or deliver relief for New Hampshire’s working families during his four terms  in office is just more proof of how out of touch he is with the everyday worries and experiences of Granite Staters. New Hampshire can’t afford two more years of Sununu’s indifference and self-promotion.”

Earlier this week, the DGA reminded New Hampshire voters of the other reasons Sununu is unfit for another term, including abandoning the state for his cross-country press tour and signing the most extreme abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history.