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Decision Delay Puts Sununu’s Senioritis on Display

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Decision Delay Puts Sununu’s Senioritis on Display

It’s been a full week since July 4th and Granite Staters are still waiting to hear from Gov. Chris Sununu, after he closed out his cross-country press tour to nowhere by promising to make a decision sometime around the holiday about whether he would seek a fifth term. Instead, Gov. Sununu has been busy auditioning for his role as campaign advisor for Republican candidates seeking the presidency.

Sununu’s failure to meet his self-imposed deadline is just the latest way he’s shown Granite Staters that he doesn’t have their best interests at heart nor cares enough to do his job – including abandoning the state for a cross-country press tour, signing the most extreme abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history, failing to address the state’s mounting housing crisis, attacking public education, and disparaging the job of governor (which he still holds for another eighteen months).

“Gov. Sununu’s endless delay in announcing his retirement is just more proof of what Granite Staters already know: that even when he is in-state, Senioritis Chris is fully checked out,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “He’s blowing through deadlines, prioritizing national headlines over New Hampshire, and showing Granite Staters at every turn  that he doesn’t care enough about them to do his job or keep his own word. New Hampshire deserves better and everyone knows it.”