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DEBATE REVIEWS: Vitter 'refuses to answer' questions on 'most important experience' of his life

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DEBATE REVIEWS: Vitter ‘refuses to answer’ questions on ‘most important experience’ of his life 

At tonight’s gubernatorial debate, David Vitter described the DC Madam scandal as “the most important experience of my life,” but still “refused to answer [the] moderator’s questions on prostitution allegations.” When asked directly for the first time, Vitter chose not to explain why he missed a vote to honor 28 fallen soldiers on the same day he took a call from the DC Madam.

Meanwhile, Vitter failed to explain why he skipped at least 3 hearings on Syria in recent years, including  2 Armed Service Committee hearings and a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on October 1 on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Here’s what the analysts are saying:

Kevin Robillard, Politico

@DavidVitter said the 2007 prostitution scandal was “the most important experience of my life.”

Sam Karlin, The Daily Reveille

Vitter refuses to answer moderator’s question on prostitution allegations, JBE says he will, as a christian, forgive but not forget #lagov

Kevin Robillard, Politico

Moderator asks @DavidVitter about the “prostitutes over patriots” phone call. He doesn’t answer.

The Gambit

.@DavidVitter asked why he missed vote on vets when he was on call with DC Madam office. Some in aud going crazy. #lagov

Julia O’Donoghue, New Orleans Times-Picayune

I think this is the first time @DavidVitter has been asked about this during a televised debate. #LaGov

Kevin Litten, New Orleans Times-Picayune

.@Davidvitter being shown poll numbers that people in Louisiana are less likely to vote for him due to prostitution. #lagov

Dr. Josh Stockley, University of Louisiana Monroe

@DavidVitter suggests wife’s proudest moment was being a mom, strikes me as sexist; @JohnBelforLA says wife, mom, and teacher #LaGovDebate

Dr. Josh Stockley, University of Louisiana Monroe

.@DavidVitter‘s face turning red in #LaGov #LaGovDebate as @JohnBelforLA hits; this debate is going to get nasty, nasty

Julia O’Donoghue, New Orleans Times-Picayune

.@JohnBelforLA keeps trying to bring the conversation back to character issues — which is good for him. #LaGov

Karyn Bruggeman, National Journal

Moderators going there- asking about missed vote bc of DC Madam call, Vitter supporters losing it. #lagov

John Bel Edwards

When @DavidVitter could have kept Syrian refugees out of La, he skipped the vote. I answered the call, he doesn’t show up for work. #lagov