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DEBATE PREP: Eric Holc-Ummm Takes the Stage in IN-Gov Debate

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DEBATE PREP: Eric Holc-Ummm Takes the Stage in IN-Gov Debate

What happens when Eric Holcomb is asked to talk about his plan to lead Indiana? 


Tonight’s gubernatorial debate in Indiana offers quite the challenge for Eric Holcomb.

As they take the stage in Indianapolis this evening, Hoosiers will be expecting to see candidates that can articulate how they will build a stronger economy in Indiana and speak about their plans to move the state forward.

The problem for Eric Holcomb? He doesn’t have one.

In a taped interview with the Indianapolis Star editorial board, Holcomb failed to answer to straightforward questions about what he would do if elected governor. Watch the video here

Even worse, with no plan of his own to speak of, Holcomb has been publicly called out for stealing his campaign’s only two policy proposals directly from Mike Pence. Holcomb has also doubled down on Pence’s anti-LGBT RFRA agenda, and refuses to support a business-backed measure to expand civil rights protections for LGBT Hoosiers.

“Eric Holcomb is a soup-to-nuts carbon copy of Mike Pence’s failed legacy in Indiana,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “When asked about his plan to restore the state’s economy, Holcomb has offered a lot of ‘umms,’ but not many solutions. Tonight, when the candidates take the debate stage, Hoosiers will be looking for a governor with better answers to moving Indiana forward than simply doubling down on the failed policies of the past.”