“Debacle,” “Dumpster Fire,” and “Embarrassment” — James Craig’s Attempted Reboot Yesterday Was A Complete Disaster

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Yesterday, James Craig tried to reboot his campaign as he continues to dodge questions. It was a complete disaster, including multiple locations, a missed event in Flint, refusing to answer questions, baselessly blaming the governor for his poor planning, and even admitting that improving infrastructure is not one of his priorities.

Here’s just a sample of what local media in Michigan are saying about Craig’s terrible attempt at a reboot:

  • AP’s David Eggert: “3 Republican strategists weigh in separately on Craig’s campaign kickoff event (which was disrupted by protesters at a state park). ‘Complete debacle.’ ‘Poor planning.’ ‘Dumpster fire.’”
  • Detroit Metro Times: “James Craig’s ‘official’ campaign launch was a complete clusterf*ck … If this is any sort of indication as to how Craig’s 2022 campaign will go, buckle up, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”
  • Deadline Detroit: “Talk about a misfire: Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s long-promised official entry into the Michigan gubernatorial race ended in embarrassment … ” 
  • Crain’s Detroit’s Chad Livengood: “It’s clear … the presumed Republican frontrunner for governor who is critical of MDOT’s handling of flooded freeways in metro Detroit just said infrastructure is NOT one of his priorities.”
  • Detroit Free Press’s Dave Boucher: “Before now, I’d never heard a political candidate say, ‘I didn’t say that was one of my priorities’ when asked about ideas for improving infrastructure.”
  • The Oakland Press’s Mark Cavitt: “I don’t think James Craig has driven on any Michigan freeways lately. The Whitmer Administration is definitely fixing the damn roads right now.”
  • Michigan Gongwer’s Zach Gorchow: “After 12 years of Andy Dillon’s campaign holding the crown for messiest gubernatorial campaign announcement event, there’s a new contender for the crown.”

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “Between his refusal to answer questions and months-long disastrous rollout, the James Craig campaign continues to be such an unmitigated mess that he’s further opening the door to what promises to be a crowded, nasty, and divisive GOP primary, despite the best efforts of insiders to put their thumb on the scale for him.”