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Dean Heller Prepares to Dive Headfirst Into Trump Loyalty Contest in Messy GOP Primary for Nevada Governor

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After losing his senate seat in 2018, former senator Dean Heller is attempting to resurrect his political career on Donald Trump’s coattails. According to new reports, Heller is seriously considering mounting a bid for Nevada governor after seeking the advice of Trump fanatics and GOP mega-donors at the Republican Governors Association conference in Tennessee. 

Heller has a long history of following the failed agendas of right-wing Republicans at the expense of Nevada families and he spent his losing senate re-elect campaign coddling up to Donald Trump. He invited the former president to campaign in Nevada on his behalf and repeatedly praised him, calling Trump a “great leader” and telling him, “everything you touch turns to gold”. Heller continued the favor by campaigning for Trump in 2020. 

Heller is the latest far-right Nevada Republican to consider tossing their hat in an increasingly messy primary. Former Sheriff Joe Lombardo continues to tease his candidacy — although he still can’t come up with a solid reason for running — as does extremist and diehard Trump loyalist Mark Amodei. Most recently, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee officially entered the race, building his campaign on the conspiracy theories and scare tactics that are a favorite among the GOP’s far-right base.

As their primary field gears up for a battle for Donald Trump’s extreme base, the Nevada Republican Party is dealing with its own internal battle and is facing an insurgency of extremists and Proud Boy members

“Dean Heller’s undying loyalty to Trump’s toxic agenda already cost him one statewide election. His latest move in considering a run for governor makes it clear that he hasn’t learned his lesson,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The GOP gubernatorial primary field and the Nevada Republican Party continues to sprint further and further to the right, accepting dangerous conspiracy theories and tossing aside the values that matter to Nevadans.”