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Dayton Stresses Jobs, Unity in State of the State Address

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Gov. Mark Dayton told lawmakers Wednesday night that creating jobs must be their top priority, and he called for setting aside partisan differences and working together to spark economic growth.
In his second State of the State address, delivered to a joint session of the House and Senate, Dayton didn’t unveil any new policy initiatives or propose more spending. But the Democratic-Farmer-Labor governor tried to set a more harmonious tone for a legislative session that got off to a prickly start after the Republican-controlled Senate removed one of his top appointees from office and he vetoed the first four bills the GOP-led legislature sent to his desk.”If we cooperate, if we share our best ideas, if we exchange our rigid ideologies for our shared ideals, we will revitalize our state. And we will be doing the jobs the people of Minnesota sent us here to do,” he said.
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