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Day Two: DeSantis Still Won’t Name the 40% of Math Textbooks He Banned in Florida Classrooms

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Ron DeSantis’ divisive and dangerous plan to ban 40% of proposed math textbooks in Florida schools is being criticized all across the state. Yet, DeSantis still won’t say which books are being banned.

Yesterday, the DGA called on DeSantis to release the names of the textbooks, as DeSantis’ silence makes it clear it’s just another one of his crusades to further his own political ambitions.

Here’s what they’re saying in Florida about DeSantis’ secretive book ban: 

  • WCTV: “The Democratic Governors Association is asking Gov. DeSantis to release the names of the textbooks that were rejected.”
  • NBC2: “DeSantis’ math book ban doesn’t add up… finding specific examples of what was in the books that got them rejected is impossible since the state isn’t offering specifics citing proprietary reasons.”
  • Miami Herald: “Local school officials, publishers and other interested parties scrambled for specifics and were left scratching their heads as to what exactly the state was talking about when it said math textbooks contained ‘prohibited topics,’”
  • Tallahassee Democrat: “‘In the subject area as large as mathematics for grades K through five, it is unusual for there only to be one publisher to choose from,’ said Billy Epting, assistant superintendent for academic services for Leon County Schools.”