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Day 35: Ives Hitting the Trail for Anyone But Rauner

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“Asked Who Her Supporters Should Line Up Behind, Ives Said It Was Up to Them to Decide”

After her surprisingly close loss, state Representative Jeanne Ives is using her new-found popularity to campaign for Republican candidates – just none named Governor Bruce Rauner. The Herald & Review caught up with Ives:

“Ives said she plans to tour the state raising awareness of issues such as pensions and fiscal responsibility, and campaigning for fellow Republican candidates in an effort to win a majority in the state House of Representatives.”

Unfortunately for Rauner, the Herald & Review reported Ives “will not endorse or campaign for him.” Following state Senator Sam McCann’s entrance into the race, the paper continued:

“Asked who her supporters should line up behind, Ives said it was up to them to decide.”

“Bruce Rauner tried to ignore her, lie about her, and hide in Europe from her, but his Jeanne Ives problem will be front and center in this race,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Ives just told her supporters they could vote for anyone, including Sam McCann, and her continued presence on the campaign trail for anyone but Rauner is just a reminder of his failure.”