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Day 24: Rauner Lies about Ives…Again

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After 22 days of silence, Governor Bruce Rauner and state Representative Jeanne Ives exchanged a “perfunctory greeting,” but Rauner’s habit of stretching the truth might end up torpedoing his half-hearted unity effort. For the second time this week, Rauner was caught lying about his interaction with Ives.
Rauner told Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago he ran into Ives and that “we promised to get together soon.” But Ives’ spokesperson directly refuted Rauner’s assertion saying, “no such plans were made or suggested.” A similar scene played out Monday when Rauner falsely claimed his campaign called Ives’ office and heard she was not interested in meeting him. His staff admitted the outreach was really a text message that went unanswered.
“Bruce Rauner’s desperation is reaching new, pathetic lows as he tries to win back Jeanne Ives’ voters by lying to them,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Maybe Rauner knows his failed leadership has turned off the Republicans, Democrats, and Independents he needs to save his sinking reelection campaign.”