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Day 17: Maybe Rauner’s Sending Redacted Notes to Ives Supporters

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It’s Day 17 since the Illinois Republican primary, and Governor Bruce Rauner still has done almost nothing to win back the 48% of Republicans who voted for state Representative Jeanne Ives. But maybe Rauner’s efforts are just flying under the radar – maybe he’s communicating with notes?
Unfortunately, Rauner is not the biggest fan of transparency and has a habit of blacking out important information, which garbled this message to conservatives:

“Bruce Rauner wants voters to trust him again, but Jeanne Ives’ supporters know all too well that he has a problem telling the truth,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “This primary election showed that Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans are tired of Rauner dodging accountability and blaming others for his failures.”