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Day 163: Ives Still Not Endorsing Rauner, Still Not Optimistic for Him Either

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Last night, Governor Bruce Rauner’s primary challenger went on CLTV to give her view of the race, and she didn’t exactly like what she saw from the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent. State Representative Jeanne Ives first noted that Rauner was not “talking about the solutions to some of our deepest problems,” then acknowledged that she still was not going to endorse Rauner or “stand next to him on the stage.” Ives did point out that the split Republican field would make the election “quite interesting”:

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“Sam’s running as a conservative independent, and good for him. And you’ve also got a Libertarian in the race as well. So, Illinois politics is going to be quite interesting this November.”
Ives was asked who was going to win the election, and pointed to the polls:

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“If the polling is correct, we know who is going to win.”
A recent Marist/NBC poll had JB Pritzker up 16 over Bruce Rauner.
“With less than 70 days left, Bruce Rauner still cannot count on the support of Jeanne Ives or the 48% of Republicans that tried to throw him out of office,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Ives is right – Rauner’s incredibly low approval ratings show that Illinoisans of all stripes agree he’s failed and are ready for new leadership.”