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Day 156: Ives “Not Surprised” That Rauner’s Polling Poorly with Conservatives

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Ives Said Rauner Still Had Not Reached Out to Talk

It’s been 156 days since Governor Bruce Rauner barley survived a conservative revolt lead by state Representative Jeanne Ives, but the Chicago Tribune reported a new poll “indicates that the divide continues” and Ives is “not surprised.” At a press conference yesterday, Ives was asked about a recent poll “showing the governor with weak support from conservatives” and down 16 points to Democrat J.B. Pritzker:

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Reporter: “Does the finding of this NBC/Marist poll showing divisions among conservative voters, relating to his support, does that show that this rift it still exists?
Ives: “I’m not surprised by the poll results. I travel the state still. I’m asked to speak around the state at various functions. And I hear directly from Republican voters and so I am not surprised by any of this.”
Reporter: “Well it seems that conservative support for the governor appears to be soft among self-identified conservatives.”
Ives: “I think that that’s what the poll would indicate. You’re right.” 

The Tribune also reported Ives said she still had not talked with Rauner and did not believe he tried to reach out to her. Rauner was caught lying about his outreach to Ives in the weeks after the primary.
“Bruce Rauner had five months to repair his relationship with the 48% of Republicans that voted against him, and it should surprise no one that he’s failed to reunite his party,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Now, with less than 80 days before the fall election, Rauner will have to overcome a still-divided party and a failed record of leadership to win re-election.”