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Day 13: Rauner and Ives Feud Moves into Second Month

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It’s no April Fool’s joke – Governor Bruce Rauner’s and state Representative Jeanne Ives’ GOP feud is moving into its second month. Thirteen days ago, Ives nearly knocked off the incumbent Rauner by running a primary campaign on his dishonesty and management failures.
Now, the calendar turns to April and Rauner has still not spoken with Ives or earned the trust of her supporters. Last week, Ives demanded Rauner run ads apologizing for his dishonesty before she would endorse him. And Ives’ supporters do not sound like they are happy with Rauner’s minimal efforts of reconciliation.
“The longer Bruce Rauner lets his feud with Jeanne Ives fester, the harder it will be to bring his divided party back together,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “With his rock-bottom approval ratings, Rauner’s already damaging his failing re-election campaign by allowing this battle to enter its second month.”