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David Perdue’s Tax Plan Would Either Bankrupt K-12 Schools or Raise Prices With a 17% Sales Tax — Does Brian Kemp Agree?

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported yesterday that even Georgia Republicans are saying self-dealing David Perdue’s tax plan “could be a disaster for state finances,” with Georgia’s GOP House Appropriations Chairman Terry England saying the plan would mean you either eliminate k-12 education” or “wind up with a 17% state sales tax rate to offset the loss of revenue…”

11 Alive News also noted that Perdue’s plan to eliminate the state’s largest source of revenue would devastate Georgia families and lead to “new taxes to replace it, or cut those popular programs,” including public education, health care services, and more.

Another GOP primary candidate, Vernon Jones, is on board with the harmful plan, but Brian Kemp hasn’t yet said whether he’d support a disastrous cut to crucial state revenue.

“Self-dealing David Perdue profited by shipping jobs from Georgia overseas, and now his disastrous tax plan would benefit millionaires like himself while hurting working families. His tax scheme is nothing more than a harmful assault on Georgians that threatens public schools and could lead to a massive sales tax spike that hits the middle class and seniors the hardest,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “In their scorched earth Republican primary, Brian Kemp must now either condemn Perdue’s attack on Georgia families or follow his fellow Republicans on their crusade to defund public education and raise prices.”