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Dave Reichert’s Embarrassing Convention Weekend

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Dave Reichert’s Embarrassing Convention Weekend

This weekend, the Washington State Republican Party endorsed disgraced former school board member and diehard Trump loyalist Semi Bird, which was a humiliating blow to former Congressman Dave Reichert who bowed out at the last moment in a desperate attempt to save himself embarrassment after it was clear he would lose.

Despite barely raising any money, Bird’s campaign has been building momentum against Reichert, winning 72% of the endorsement vote this weekend and having “racked up endorsements from 16 county party organizations,” according to the Seattle Times, nearly half of the local county parties in the state.

Before the convention, The Cascadia Advocate said not getting the endorsement would be a “major embarrassment for Reichert.

“Not even Reichert’s name recognition, significant financial advantage, and seven terms in Congress could save this race from being pushed to the far-right by Semi Bird and his coalition of extremists within the Washington State Republican Party,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “The next several months will continue to pit Reichert and Bird against each other, ensuring the primary will be a messy race to the far-right and only leaves room for the most extreme candidate to prevail.”

See below for more on Reichert being snubbed and losing out on the Washington State Republican Party’s endorsement: